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Hidecho Suisan CO.,LTD.
Our announcement

Maybe that is why we feel comfortable everytime we see the sea, because it has such an ancient history. Humankind has been establishing a plentiful life with the blessings of mother sea. There are still thousands of fish living in the sea.

Proof of quality

Hidecho brand proves worthy of the trust placed in it. We can deliver fresh fish in better condition than any other company. Our fish is the freshest of all. "Hidecho is the one you can trust. " You can hear these words in fish markets all over Japan. We are very proud of the fish in which we deal. This is our mission, to keep supplying good quality fish.

Company name Hidecho Suisan co., Ltd.
Established 1974
Capital \30,000,000.-
The representitive Hideo Kondo, President
Banks Iyo Bank Wareicho Branch
Kochiank Uwajima Branch
UwajimaShinyou Bank Head Office
Number of Employees 60
Holidays Sundays,National holidays,Summer holidays, New year holidays, Golden week
Welfare facilities Autumn recreation,Company trip, Softball games, Bowling games
Customers Central markets, Local markets, Customs from all over Japan Supplyers from all over Japan
The sea, the second biggest area next to the sky on this earth --all creatures on this planet originated in the sea and developed into the various species that we know today.
Hidecho Suisan------- We deliver these marine products in the best way.

Head office The 2nd sales department Seafoods Center
HACCP recognition
Fishery food processing facilities
Hidecho Suisan co., Ltd.
No.6-24, Tsukijimachi, 2-Chome, Uwajima City, Ehime Pref, JAPAN

TEL +81-895-253305@FAX +81-895-221808